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What do you want to say?

Expand your potential by expanding your horizons. Take your non-profit, association or project to new heights with innovative and effective communication strategies. Let us show you what a difference targeted, creative messaging can make for your organization. From developing a media plan to training your team to become effective leaders in their field... From polished marketing materials to a bold new direction for the future… Rise Above Consulting will bring energy, focus, growth and value to your enterprise in multiple fields: 



Our passion is messaging. What do you want to say? We can help you craft an authentic message; compelling hearts and minds to ensure your voice and your ideas are heard.

Establishing a winning fundraising campaign or communications strategy starts with building a strong brand and persuasive message. We will help you develop messaging themes that will drive every aspect of marketing… from print, to media, to digital.


Once your message is developed, it’s time to make yourself heard...


Marketing Materials

-Whether digitally or in print, your message deserves to be heard. Put our experience to work for you with professionally word-smithed materials that you will be proud to distribute. Creative communications for marketing, advocacy or fundraising will elevate your message above the noise... in both the mailbox and the inbox.

Social media

-We can help you grow your audience and maximize your impact while minimizing expenses with creative and effective content strategies.


Press Releases

-Stand out from the crowd with precise and clear message development for key announcements or events, along with strategies to make sure your release is read and amplified.


Media communication and strategy

-In order to deliver your message most effectively, it is vital to understand when and where to communicate, and how to ensure your voice is heard… while avoiding any landmines along the way.

Marketing Materials
Social Media
Press Releases
Media Communication

Building Your Future

If an organization isn’t growing, it’s dying. We bring innovative approaches to expanding your non-profit, campaign or project to the table, allowing you to focus on a winning future.


Organizational planning and strategy

-Plans for any successful effort require laying a solid foundation from the very beginning. Let us help you build a winning team, establishing an effective strategy from start to finish.


Development strategies

-Every organization needs to review its fundraising goals and strategy from time to time. How are you maximizing your potential for growth? How can earned media and expanding your social media followers help your bottom line?


Volunteer recruitment

-A true leader understands that volunteers are the beating heart of any non-profit, school or association. With decades of experience working with volunteers, let us help you recruit, train and retain your most valuable asset.


Effective, engaging, empowering… our training sessions will keep your team energized while gaining new skills and insight in topics such as: 

—effective public and interpersonal communication 

—dealing with the media

—managing confrontation/difficult conversations 

—effective advocacy

—polished public speaking skills


Whether in a large group, an individual setting or online, our extensive experience in teaching others how to effectively communicate will help you achieve your maximum potential.

Organizational planning
Development strategies
Volunteer recruitment

“Without love, deeds, even the most brilliant,
count as nothing.”
 St. Thérèse of Lisieux


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